Belém and Restelo: in search of history

Strolling through Belém is like traveling in history, were it not for this neighborhood that has the greatest concentration of heritage and museums in the country. And not even the usual hustle and bustle of tourists walking through its streets and gardens cancels out the tranquility with which the Tagus on the horizon offers us in all its splendor.

The emblematic monuments such as the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the Jerónimos Monastery where some essential figures of our history rest, such as the navigator Vasco da Gama and the poet Luís de Camões and the various museums such as the National Coach Museum, the modern Matt or the iconic Electricity Museum, make Belém a place where culture and the arts coexist in a vibrant and unforgettable environment.

But Belém is also a neighborhood of contrasts. If, on the one hand, it encourages us to explore and get to know the entire history of Portuguese maritime epics, on the other, its large gardens, such as those of the Belém Tower or the Jardins do Império, open up an invitation to enjoy nature, a picnic on the grass with a privileged view over the other side of the river, or simply strolling aimlessly.

Embraced by the Tagus, Belém is also presented with a naval club for those who like to venture out into the seas (already navigated) by sailing or rowing, marinas and docks, where the many pleasure boats gather. This riverside area is also known for being a privileged place to practice physical exercise with a breathtaking view.

Culture, sport and… gastronomy. In Belém, all the senses are refined. If it weren’t for this neighborhood, which is also (very) famous for its pastries in Belém. So much so that queues usually gather at the door of the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém of those who cannot resist going there without tasting this sweet, a true ambassador of our Portugueseness. It is a unique delicacy, but it does not detract from the vast gastronomic offer of Belém, prepared to accommodate all tastes and palates, bags and even backpacks.