Alfama, Castelo and Graça: An itinerary through the typical neighborhoods of Lisbon

Alfama, Castle and Graça. Three neighborhoods that carry within them all the tradition of one of the most typical, picturesque and iconic areas of the city of Lisbon and where the revitalization of recent years has kept its genuine soul and its inhabitants intact, while giving them new experiences. Alfama, the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon and renowned for its marches, stretches along the slopes of the hill that goes from Baixa to Castelo de São Jorge, through alleys, squares, staircases and winding alleys that remind us of its legacy and influence. arabs. In every corner you will discover a church, viewpoints that are authentic balconies over the houses and the river, fado houses, restaurants and taverns, cultural spaces and historical treasures that can go unnoticed to a less attentive eye, as is the case of the Roman Theater or the Fernandina Walls.

In the Castelo neighborhood, the Castelo de São Jorge stands out (its origins date back to the 7th and 2nd centuries BC but its reconstruction was carried out between 1938 and 1940), which offers one of the best views over Lisbon in a well-kept area with a lot of green. In the surroundings there is a real “village” to explore, from the peculiar architecture of old buildings full of character, to the handicraft shops, taverns and cafes with an authentic neighborhood spirit, characteristics that are, in fact, common to the whole area. Lisbon.

Next to Alfama and Castelo, the Graça neighborhood appears on the highest hill in Lisbon and which, therefore, hosts some of the most popular viewpoints, such as Miradouro da Graça and Senhora do Monte, stages of the most incredible landscapes over the city. City. With a perfect balance between a traditional look and a contemporary lifestyle, Graça is an area in transformation, boosted by the recovery of residential buildings and where a cosmopolitan atmosphere emerges. It concentrates a wide range of services, restaurants and an excellent transport network, including the famous Tram 28, which has one of the most sought after stops here to take us on an unforgettable trip that shows the best that Lisbon has to offer.