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  • Venha conhecer o nosso Antonino - o genuíno frango lisboeta
Barbecue with over 30 years of experience. All our products come from Chicken, typical Portuguese! But if you want a typical dish, we'll solve it! prato típico, nós resolvemos! We always have daily menus with varied dishes. We doubt that anyone can do it better than us, but that's only our client has the opportunity to say. We are waiting for you at the Lumiar market.
  • Alameda Linhas de Torres R17 Mercado do Lumiar
    1750-145 Lisboa
  • From 8h30 to 15h
  • Estacionamento



Built on former agricultural land at the gates of the capital, the Lumiar neighbourhood, once almost a village, has gradually conquered its urban space and is currently one of the most populated neighbourhoods of Lisbon.