Pastries and Coffes / Baixa

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At Nicolau Lisboa Café, the brunch concept, which was known to be served only on Sundays, is now available every day at any time, with healthy and nutritious dishes. The menu is renewed according to the season and, on the hottest days, smoothies, pancakes and açaí, which is served with fruit and granola, are highlighted. Breakfast favorites include coconut yogurt with apple-cinnamon jam and homemade granola, oatmeal with fruit of the day and Nicolau eggs. You can choose from the brunch menu or the vegan brunch with a selection

Meet the rest of Nicolau's family: Amélia, his “delicate” girlfriend, located in the heart of Campo de Ourique, and his cousin Basílio, known for being a “good vivant”, located in downtown Lisbon.

  • R. de São Nicolau 17
    1100-547 Lisboa
  • Everyday from 8:30am till 10:30pm



    Traditional and majestic, Lisbon's Baixa (downtown, also known as Baixa Pombalina) is a must-see for those who want to discover an area that is constantly evolving but has managed to keep the charm of the past. Wander through its symmetrical and majestic streets made with a ruler and square, succumb to the delights of its imposing squares, always with the river on the horizon and a story on every corner.