Loco means in place, that is, in the kitchen. And the kitchen is the heart of chef Alexandre Silva and his team. A heart that occupies an area larger than the restaurant room and that expresses the philosophy of the cook who does not hesitate to delve into his own ideas.
With a fine dining concept, of signature cuisine, Loco is much more than a restaurant, with a gastronomic proposal that goes far beyond a meal.
Loco is an organic project that values ​​national products and nature. It lives at the whim of micro stations, is inspired by the tradition of Portuguese flavors and the identity references of national gastronomy, but subverts and elevates them to another conceptual level, challenging the rule, researching and experimenting with new procedures. Loco is a constant creative current, it's a state of mind, an attitude. It is a total experience, which promotes the relationship between customers and
restaurant team. Even before celebrating its first year, in 2016, Loco won a Michelin star.