Casa e Decoração / Santos e Cais do Sodré

A centenary company, born in Cais do Sodré in February 1917, always linked to commercial and nautical navigation, maintaining the sale of decorative materials, steel cables, hardware, chains, Yamaha engines and boats for work and leisure. Today we are also dedicated to Signalization Projects, Architecture and Engineering.
  • Avenida 24 de Julho nº1 F-G, Lisboa
    1200-478 Lisboa
  • lgl@lgl.pt
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    Santos and Cais do Sodré

    Stage to one of the most remarkable transformations that the city of Lisbon has seen in recent years, the Cais do Sodré/Santos area is now one of the trendiest and irreverent places in the capital, an undisputed destination for tourism and leisure, with the advantage of combining the charm of a historic area.