Joalharia Ferreira Marques

Joalharias e Relojoarias / Baixa

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Founded in 1926 by Adriano Ferreira Marques, Joalharia Ferreira Marques is located in Praça do Rossio. Joalharia Ferreira Marques is a leading name in the area of ​​table decoration and arts, with silver pieces, such as coffee, tea, cutlery and important ornamental pieces, also representing international luxury brands. The store has a rich exterior architecture in the Art Nouveau style, dating from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the stained glass windows that decorate the door with the golden monogram.
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    Traditional and majestic, Lisbon's Baixa (downtown, also known as Baixa Pombalina) is a must-see for those who want to discover an area that is constantly evolving but has managed to keep the charm of the past. Wander through its symmetrical and majestic streets made with a ruler and square, succumb to the delights of its imposing squares, always with the river on the horizon and a story on every corner.