Artesanato / Alfama, Castelo e Graça

The Art of the Earth" - with 25 years of existence - is a space dedicated to Portuguese Culture and Arts, assuming the role of a showcase of Portuguese culture to the World that visits us. Tiles, Embroidery, Linen and Burel, Woolen Blankets, Ceramics, Sculptures, Cork pieces, Soaps, are just a few examples resulting from the work of dozens of Portuguese authors (artisans, sculptors, jewellers, designers) of different generations and artistic currents.
  • Rua Senhora do Monte, nº 5 C - Bairro da Graça Lisboa
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Alfama, Castelo e Graça

Alfama, Castelo and Graça. Three neighborhoods that carry the tradition of one of the most typical, picturesque and iconic areas of Lisbon and where the revitalisation of recent years has kept intact its genuine soul and its inhabitants while giving them new life.